Custom Design Showcases & Display Cases

... we listen our clients


Perhaps one of the very special reasons why we attract some of the best companies is because of our ability to listen to our client's requirements and offer them professional advise to ensure they receive the right showcase or display case that will work in their environment. After all, you're designing a showcase or display case to display your company's products and you want the very best to ensure your products capture the attention of your prospects or clients.

Some of our clients know exactly what they want and others are looking for professional advice. Either way, we have the skills to help you design and manufacture what you need or provide guidance if required. Our sales team have many years of experience and take the time to work with each new client, ensuring they have the right knowledge before making any decision. We take the time to educate our clients and we introduce them to our online photo gallery to show them the art of possibilities or to create something quite unique to them to display their products.

1. Glass:
The glass section of a showcase or display case is the 'eye-catching' component. The standard 38" H display case can be changed to give you more or less height. Since USA Showcases Displaycases design and manufacturer, we can accommodate your requirements.

2. Base:
The base is the lower portion of the display case and it is determined by the style of the showcase or display case selected. You have a variety of finishes, from wood grain, solid colours or laminate; the choice is yours.

3. Kick Base/Plate:
This section is an option available on all our showcases or display cases. The function of the kick plate is to hide kicks and scruffs which can occur in high traffic retail areas. The finishes and colors to choose are endless.

4. Extrusion:
The Extrusion is the metal or aluminum finish which surrounds the glass component to give it a strong structure.

5. Lighting:

We have various lighting solutions to highlight and bring focus and attention on your displays. As well, our aluminum extrusion gives a solid, strong foundation to your showcase or display case.

6. Locks:

For added protection of your company's products, it is advisable to secure your products. We have a wide variety of locking systems to suit any showcase or display case style.